Product Info & Care

What is kombucha?

Kombucha or booch is a fermented tea drink which serves as a health functional food. It is said to have originated from the eastern part of Asia and have been consumed widely through the ancient times over the centuries and possibly longer. It is categorised as a non-alcoholic* drink that does contain vitamins, amino acids, or other nutrients associated with health benefits that occur through a fermentation process using live culture strains known as SCOBY.

What is SCOBY? 

SCOBY, stands for “symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast,” which is the key ingredient used in the fermentation and production of goodbooch kombucha.

The SCOBY hosts a variety of yeast and bacteria colonies that aid the fermentation process in the tea resulting in a live culture / probiotic-rich liquid. Other types of fermented foods and drinks such as kimchi, sourdough bread, apple cider, kefir, ginger bug, etc also do require similar symbiotic cultures, which is also known as the 'Mother'.

How is goodbooch kombucha made? 

You can check out how we make our kombucha from here.

Is goodbooch kombucha naturally made? 

Absolutely!! 100% all-naturally made using only freshest ingredients available. We DO NOT use any artificial ingredients, fillers and preservatives in our production process.

There are some floating bits in goodbooch kombucha. What are they and is it safe to consume? 

As goodbooch kombucha is unpasteurised, you will notice some floating bits in the product and they are essentially the live culture. But don't worry at all, it's is entirely safe to consume and it is normal to see some floating bits in kombucha drinks. It proves that our product are natural and contains essential probiotic culture goodness.

What are the benefits of consuming goodbooch kombucha? 

Generally kombucha drinks are consumed to promote healthy gut functions which contributes to overall health and wellness.

As one of the main ingredients of goodbooch kombucha consists of green or black tea, these teas are known to contain high-level of anti-oxidants as well as anti-inflammatory properties. 

Kombucha is also known as a 'living' liquid, since yeast and bacteria culture is derived from the fermentation process, and as a result, this increases the concentration of natural probiotics may provide other positive health benefits.

Can goodbooch kombucha be taken regularly? 

As there's a saying, too much of anything is bad for you. If you are only starting with kombucha, generally it is recommended that you start off with less than 100 ml of kombucha, once a day for a couple of days and then slowly adjust the consumption, not exceeding between 400 ml to 500 ml per day. 

You can consume goodbooch kombucha at any time of the day. Many have chose it as a replacement to other high-sugared drinks such as sodas or commercially bottled juices.

Are there any concerns when consuming kombucha?

At goodbooch, we are big advocates of a balanced and healthy diet. Despite the various health benefits kombucha may bring, we note that kombucha does not replace a well-balanced healthy diet and good hydration regime. In fact, consuming any fermented products such as kombucha as part of a balanced diet may improve one's general well being.

There may be situations that you may feel slightly bloated or experience a more frequent visit to the toilet than usual for the first couple of days. It's is generally accepted as 'healing-crisis' and it's normal since the body is adjusting to the yeast and bacterial culture introduced by the kombucha. Please do remember to always drink plenty of water daily too.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This product contains traces of alcohol (resulted from the natural fermentation process). This product also contains caffeine naturally found in green or black teas. Please do not consume this product if you are entirely avoiding them. 

As a general guideline for young children, pregnant women, a person with a weaker immune system, have a special dietary requirements, or if you have any concerns, do consult with a medical professional before consuming any type of kombucha.

How much sugar is in the kombucha? 

Sugar is essential in kombucha's fermentation process as it is meant to feed the SCOBY culture in the kombucha tea. Generally, once the fermentation process completes (the SCOBY gobbles up most of the sugar), there will still be between 3 to 5 grams of organic and natural sugar (from organic cane and fruits) per 100ml in our kombucha. By comparison, a 240ml glass of commercially packed 100% fruit juice can contain up to 26 grams of sugar and it is even higher for sodas / soft drinks. 

If you are concerned or may have controlled sugar consumption, we recommend that you can add water and dilute the kombucha before consuming it.


What's the product expiration and care instruction? 

Technically kombucha will not expire. However, the longer it's kept, it will continue to ferment. Carbonation in the kombucha may also continue to develop in a warmer temperature room.

Therefore always ensure that the product is stored in a cold fridge not exceeding 5°C.

Do NOT shake the bottle vigorously as there may be carbonation build up that would spill out when you open the bottle.

We do however indicate a Best Before Date on our bottle label which is generally a 6 months duration from the bottling date.

Also, do take note to consume the product within 3 days once it's opened.